Sunday, July 13, 2008

What in the world?

So... something has been bubbling in my mind and spirit in recent months. Despite a busy time and other plans for blogging when I did finally find the time, these past few days I have felt strongly compelled that I need to write what I'm hearing from the Lord. I have prayed, lost sleep, and resisted, but tonight I finally sat down to wrestle it all into words. I've never spent such time, thought, and effort on a post. After three (!) hours of work, with a conclusion finally in sight, something suddenly went "ding," and the whole post draft disappeared from the window.

Does this happen regularly on Blogger? Did I hit some mystery key I've never seen before or do something dumb? Is it ever retrievable?

Can someone more experienced in blogging please explain to me what may have just happened here on a technical front? On a spiritual front, I know you're not the ones to ask!


The Chatty Housewife said...

Is it possible that you saved it as a draft accidentally? You probably checked that already. I have never had it happen to me before, as the blogger program saves every few seconds as I am typing. Even if I lose the page, lose internet connection or my computer crashes, the post is saved as a draft. Double check by hitting edit posts and then choosing to view drafts only.

Um, Hi by the way. :) I recently subscribed to your blog because it was in my google reader discover list and I felt like reading somewhere new.

owlhaven said...

Sadly, I had that experience OFTEN on blogger. It is one of the reasons I switched to wordpress. I got so I obsessively copied and saved my drafts every 10 minutes or so as I worked on them.


Bea said...

I used to compose all my posts in a Word document and then copy and paste into Blogger. Since they introduced the auto-save feature I've gotten complacent, though. I've never lost a post that way, but I've read several "grr argh" posts about other people it's happened to, so obviously it's not unknown.

Jeana said...

It happened to me often when I first started, but it hasn't happened now in a long time. I was wondering if it saved as draft too.

Marian said...

OK, at least it sounds like I didn't do something dumb to bring it upon myself. I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to computer technology, but I couldn't imagine anything I could have done wrong.

come to think of it, the "ding" delete actually happened earlier in the day as I thrice tried to leave a comment on someone else's Blogger blog.

The draft auto-save is great... but a second after it went "ding" and erased everything, THAT's when it saved!

Thanks for the comments.