Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, how many feet you meet!

Some women have pretty feet. Small, slender, smooth, pedicured, free of bumpy blue varicose veins that were the special gift of her gestating third child but she doesn't hold it against him... you know, pretty feet.

I do not have pretty feet. In this season of full foot revelation, mine really do require the colorful flourish of a little polish on the toes to Keep America Beautiful, or at least a Little Less Horrifying. It's mid-June already, and I have not yet taken time to complete this act of public service!

So tonight, instead of blogging, I'm going to finally break out the callous scraper thingie and my bottle of Cover Girl "Megawatt Mauve". (Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the whole process... Kidding! Kidding!! Please, come back!) After that I'll use all of the strawberries I picked yesterday to make freezer jam, a product which also makes the world a more wonderful place.

So, to be clear, what you are seeing here is NOT a blog post (A whole post about painting my toenails? Goodness, no. How vapid!) I will not be posting today. I might as well let you know at this point, Internet, that I will not be a post-a-day kind of girl. It may happen sometimes, but, over the long haul, my guess is that I'm more likely to be the kind of blogger Bloglines was made for.

I've been surprised by how many people still are not familiar with feed-readers like Bloglines and Google. They are such a convenient tool for keeping up with posted material, and I can't imagine online life without them! A few of my favorite blogging people only emerge from daily life once a week or less to post something, and it's so nice to pick up with them without missing a beat. I admire them for finding the blogging balance that works for them. I don't know what mine will be yet.

I humbly invite you, Internet friends, if you'd ever like to keep up with me and let me get to know you better, to subscribe here with one of the buttons. Subscibing does not mean that you are converting to my worldview or agreeing to come babysit my kids every Friday night (though that would be very nice and most welcome). I've been known to subscribe in places that I've been made aware of and intend to try, but haven't yet read even once!

Anyway, back to priorities. Toes first? Or jam-making? Hmm... Jam, I think. I'll smudge the toes if they're not done last.

(See? With such scintillating material here, how could you NOT want to visit again?)

p.s. Debbie, this non-post is dedicated to you, feet and all! Please come visit sometime with the kids. You can check out my polish job in person.


Debbie said...

As long as you're not making "Toe-Jam"! Just kidding. Should we try to plan a little picnic or something? That would be fun.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

So, to be clear, what you are seeing here is NOT a blog post (A whole post about painting my toenails? Goodness, no. How vapid!) I will not be posting today.

This cracked me up. I could totally see myself writing a "I'm not going to be posting today..." post!

BTW, your comment to my last post was profoundly insightful. My husband and I were talking about it last night. Thank you!